While living in Washington State in the mid 1980's, I longed for home and missed my family, friends and community.  Although I enjoyed my job and loved going to the Seattle Seahawk games or the Supersonic Basketball games... I yearned for home.  I remember clearly sitting at my dinner table when I vowed to my wife, "If we ever go back home I'm going to get involved in the community."

We did make it home and I kept that promise.  Long before I entered politics my heart and soul was engulfed in serving my community (see list in About page).  People can see whether someone is serving due to a motive or personal agenda.  When it is done with sincerity, love, and aloha with no expectation in return....people rejoice and they respond in kind.    

My willingness to serve comes from my heart and soul because I truly care.  My life long community connection record is my testament.  I would be humbled and honored to serve you once again as your Councilmember.


Always with Aloha -  Dom  



Dominic is always finding ways to support his community.  From emceeing fishing tournaments and community events such as the Farm Festival at the Hamakua Harvest, to planning and emceeing at Honoka'a Elementary School's Winter Fest.

Honoka'a High School Centennial Celebration  July 29, 1989

Dominic Yagong | Chairman

Western Weekend is always one of the highlights of Honoka'a town.  Each year you will be sure to find Dominic with a microphone in hand whether its the block party or the parade!  

"I still recall that evening as if it was yesterday with the cafeteria filled with Alumnus of all ages. As the night progressed there seem to be some that came to remind people that, “This is Honoka’a…don’t dream to big….nobody is going to come home for this.” This was nearly 30 years ago, and I was only 29 at the time. It felt a bit intimidating to have some of the Kupuna in the audience saying keep it small…lower your expectation. Well, it took a year of hard work by so many dedicated Dragons, but the July 29, 1989 Honoka;a High School Centennial Celebration still marks the biggest and greatest celebration the community of Honoka’a has every seen. A huge parade, an all day music festival featuring Honoka’a alumni from every decade, authentic hawaiian luau, aerial fireworks that lit up sky, flowers dropping on the crowd from helicopters, dancing to the music from the 60’s through the 90’s, and pockets of reunion celebrations that filled the entire week. We didn’t keep it small and the rest is history."  - Dominic Yagong, Hamakua Times | August 3rd 2018

Honoka'a High School 130 Year Celebration July 19 - 21, 2019

Dominic Yagong | Co-Chairman

“We have a group of alumni cheerleaders who are going to do cheers for us and lead us in our alma mater. That’s a chicken skin moment that we’re waiting for,” Yagong said. “To have the whole school, the decades of Dragons standing in unison and singing the alma mater, when we light the letters, I think that’s going to be a moment that people take home with them.”  - Dominic Yagong, West Hawaii Today | May 27, 2019

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